26 August 2009

The Cigar Box

I stumbled on a box hidden away
Long forgotten memories
Everyone should have one of these

Good old days, another age
Young footloose and fancy free
With no responsibility

The world was mine, to conquer, climb
Joys and passion of youth now faded
Snapshots of friends – not all lovers

Was he my first kiss, or this other?
Memories I thought I could never forget
Washed away – faint with age

Like discoloured letters, corners curled
A ribbon lovingly tied
For some unknown reason laid aside

Declared their love or said no more
Those watermarked with tears
Wondering if they’re still here

Tucked beneath the lid a lock of hair
I twirl his curl as I did before
Picture that face like yesterday

Caught in the folds of an envelope
A ring, cheap, tarnished, worn with pride
I’d almost forgotten him

Nostalgia lies wrapped in tissue on the bottom
Words and verse – letters of illicit love
Now he was the one

I close my eyes remembering
Forgiven – not forgotten
Some things are best left, hidden

© 2007 ann raven

17 August 2009

Tempus Fugit

time has flown
long days alone
waiting for love to knock
once more at my door

it is no friend of mine
each passing day another line
I cannot stop
the onslaught of time

do not think
love is just the right
of the young
the beautiful, the bright

desirability may fade with age
but, I know
deep inside
passion never dies

16 August 2009


How long life, how long will we
Be granted to fulfil our destiny
In the vastness of the universe
Fleeting moments on earth are we
To leave our mark, make good our name
To leave cherished memories of what we became
Given freewill to make a difference
To shine like a star in its brilliance
So much to learn
So little time on our sojourn
Soon celestial angels will take our hand
For the world to come, our Promised Land
Praying we leave behind a binding legacy of love
As we cross over to the heavens above


(Published in Your Legacy of Love by Gemini Adams 2009)