22 November 2009


this is the promised land
the golden medina
where the grass is greener

in this ‘new’ land
its declaration vows
the pursuit of happiness for every man
life and liberty and equality

if you're the employer
not the employee!
what hypocrisy!

In G-d We Trust
the motto of this state
that’s not enough when
the ethos means

no business ethics
no rights
no contracts
no leave

they can dismiss you as they please
no such thing as loyalty
no pat on the back, a job well done
you’re an asset to the company

instead – you’re a liability
dispensable, expendable
to hell with security
if you don’t like it, tough

there’s always another
to take your place
in the land of the free
the United States


18 November 2009

What Tongues Are Really For

willingly she parts her lips for this dark stranger
savours scent, touch, taste
one by one each sense explodes

her tongue explores new sensations
works its way round hardness
solid within the depths of her mouth

with every stroke of the tongue
thawing like virgin snow
satin liquid slides down her throat

nibbling, biting, sucking
a texture like finest silk
burning desire melts the mass

every greedy lick softens ’til no more
craving sated, an orgasmic orgy of delight
mixed emotions, satisfaction, sinful guilt

she cannot resist, her little secret
never lets her down, never fails her
delivers again and again, more and more

she hides herself away
slowly strokes another square
still bound in precious gold or silver
addictive little nibs of treasure



In deep thought
My secrets confound
What to do
When chaos abounds

Wise to share
Or not to impart
Soul to bare
Or keep in my heart

The Devil Rides Your Back

(sleep paralysis)

Can’t push it off, can’t make it stop
I’m petrified as stone
Cannot move a single muscle
Lips zipped - dry as bone

Its foul face is thrust in mine
An insufferable weight bears down
Crushes the breath from my chest
Silent screams resound

Pressure lifts like a jack-in-the-box
The threat it may be gone
I gulp for air, I look around
Anxiety lingers on


Super Fiendish

before my eyes
numbers dance
I’m not competing
no point in cheating
still - I sneak a peek
and take a glance
at the answers


the usual ride through urban sprawl
gives way to barren rocks, sparse scrub
a wilderness parched - no soul, no heart

over horizon a welcome change of scene
and pace - so slow we’ve stopped
the road before us awash with bleating goats

no care in the world, no haste, no hurry
the boy guides his tribe – stuck we worry
with nothing to do but take in the view

glimmering in shimmering light
harsh sun reflects on leaves of olive trees
undersides gleam like silver foil snagged on the breeze

beneath their shady awning
sudden movement catches our eye
a wagtail rolling in the dust, relief from heat

he hops between trees
his wagging tail a comic figure - we toss crumbs
charmed by his stylish dive for dinner

flock moves, at last clear path ahead
must leave distractions behind
the boy raises his stick at us - we smile

wheels kick up dust
we're on our way again
we will still make it - albeit - late


Steam Rising

Air stifling
Windows wide
Heavy inside
Curtains still
Upon the sill
Music playing
Bodies swaying
Glasses clink
Bubbly to drink
Sounds vibrate
Party thrill
She must
She will
Abandon sleep
Shuffle feet
Pace the floor
Walk out the door
Beat pounds
Rhythmic sound
Tempo slows
Her eyes close
His warm breath
Caresses neck
Hands on skin
Shudder within
Body bends
Fever transcends
Heart complies
Passions rise
Joy to discover
Perfect lover
He mysterious
She delirious
Not surprising
Their steam rising


No Mr DJ!

Another day down the pan
For some the night just began

You hit the sack - it’s over again
Told - go away

He’s got a headache, tired, not tonight
Yeah - sure - not any time

You pad downstairs, on the radio
DJ plays love songs on his late night show

He croons, “Relax, chill out, let go!”
What’s he doing, doesn’t he know

It’s tough listening to his stuff
When you feel rough; you’ve had enough

It shouldn’t be allowed, sad lyrics and rhymes
Numbing the pain with a glass of red wine

They taunt, flaunt, haunt your sorry soul
Stemming back tears, stifling a choke

With every beat it’s getting worse
Abject misery in every verse

You can’t believe it’s over, the song man drawls
He says he watched the whole thing fall

Stop putting yourself through this torture
Reliving the past, worrying ‘bout the future

Snuff him out, take his records off
The loneliness of unrequited love

No more love songs or for evers
No more heartbreak, never, ever

Hey Mr DJ, breaking up’s hard enough to do
Don’t you know, don’t you know it’s true


New Woman

Like a dried up snake she’ll shed her skin
Don’t much like the one she’s in
Her chance
To be born again

She’ll trade-in her battered heart
Pump fresh blood and jumpstart
Her run-down body
To fully charged

Into the graveyard of broken hearts
She’ll bury her shattered parts
Toss on the garbage
Hurts and scars

Purged of her past sharp and smart
On cylinders firing
She will emerge
A fresh new start


It Should Have Been Me

Life was good
The whole world shone - too hot
I got burned, the wings of a moth
On a candle flame

All our plans
Together we’d come and go
Do as we please
So, you pleased yourself

Dined out on fresh meat
A new world beckoned
Yours reckoned without me
Took her where I could only dream

I do not rage, no hate, no envy
But, nagging at the back of my head
It is hard to reconcile when
It should have been me