18 November 2009

No Mr DJ!

Another day down the pan
For some the night just began

You hit the sack - it’s over again
Told - go away

He’s got a headache, tired, not tonight
Yeah - sure - not any time

You pad downstairs, on the radio
DJ plays love songs on his late night show

He croons, “Relax, chill out, let go!”
What’s he doing, doesn’t he know

It’s tough listening to his stuff
When you feel rough; you’ve had enough

It shouldn’t be allowed, sad lyrics and rhymes
Numbing the pain with a glass of red wine

They taunt, flaunt, haunt your sorry soul
Stemming back tears, stifling a choke

With every beat it’s getting worse
Abject misery in every verse

You can’t believe it’s over, the song man drawls
He says he watched the whole thing fall

Stop putting yourself through this torture
Reliving the past, worrying ‘bout the future

Snuff him out, take his records off
The loneliness of unrequited love

No more love songs or for evers
No more heartbreak, never, ever

Hey Mr DJ, breaking up’s hard enough to do
Don’t you know, don’t you know it’s true


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