18 November 2009

Forbidden Love

Beneath his breath, he sighs her name
Doesn’t want to; tries to hide it
Knows it can never be this way

She catches it on the breeze
Bouncing from leaf to gossamer leaf
Each one dripping his frustrated tears
Through her open window, she knows, she hears

He lies awake, his eyes shut tight
Cannot deny the way he feels
Loath to fight wrong over right

Forbidden love, she moans
Praying though that it could be so
Tossing, turning, yearnings sincere
Through his open window, he knows, he hears

Her every line, her curves
He traces through his memory
She shivers, her passion stirs

Floating on the wind to her, his touch, his kiss
As one their bodies sensuous
Sway far away and so near
Through their open windows, they know, they hear


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