18 November 2009

What Tongues Are Really For

willingly she parts her lips for this dark stranger
savours scent, touch, taste
one by one each sense explodes

her tongue explores new sensations
works its way round hardness
solid within the depths of her mouth

with every stroke of the tongue
thawing like virgin snow
satin liquid slides down her throat

nibbling, biting, sucking
a texture like finest silk
burning desire melts the mass

every greedy lick softens ’til no more
craving sated, an orgasmic orgy of delight
mixed emotions, satisfaction, sinful guilt

she cannot resist, her little secret
never lets her down, never fails her
delivers again and again, more and more

she hides herself away
slowly strokes another square
still bound in precious gold or silver
addictive little nibs of treasure



white rabbit said...

I just found this blog - and this poem.

Erm, gosh! I don't know what to say. I don't mean that in a bad way.

ann said...

thank you for coming by

thank you for your comment

you don't have to say anything, but you obviously understood this is about chocolate - didn't you? ;>)

cathy said...

WATCHING YOUR POETRY EVOLVE IS AWE INSPIRING.... I have a sudden craving for a mars bar.